Today on the show I have Nancy Ricci the creator of Getting Purly with It! Nancy is a designer and blogger based in NYC. I’m excited for you to dive into this one – Nancy has a story to tell that is full of adventure! Her heart led her to NYC and then to yarn. As I relistened to this episode, I kept thinking, even though she is not elderly at all, she had this elder like wisdom about it. If felt very grounding and uplifting – especially as we are in the midst of the pandemic. Let's dive in!

Thank you so much for tuning in! Learn more and support Nancy's work at the links below:

Getting Purly with it Website

Nancy on Instagram

Nancy's patterns

Podcasts she recommends: Nicolle Walters Podcast, Sean Cannell on Youtube

Blogs she recommends: Seth Godin's Blog (note! we mentioned his great book Purple Cow) and the work of Gary Vaynerchuk.