Today on the show I have Shelley Brander. She is the founder of Knit Stars which 10,000 people have participated in (just insane, percolate on that!). She is also the owner of the Tulsa based yarn shop Loops, as well as an online knitting community called Loops Together. Oh and she is also a published author with another book all about her story and finding your passion that comes out in Jan 2021. I’m thrilled for you to hear from her! Stick around for the end when I share more about all the travel I did in February, my intensifying yoga practice and my business goals for 2020.

Learn more about Shelley and her businesses at the links below:

Loops Together Club (her digital club)

Knit Stars

Loops on Instagram

The podcast she recommenced: Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman and Gwenyth Paltrow available here

The book she recommenced (I just finished it! If you are a law of attraction person, this is for you!) Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein