Hi there! Today I am diving deep into the four tools I cannot live without. There are more that I adore but these are my top four! There's not a place I go without my knitting. These are the tools I use day in and day out to help make my knitting life a little more organized and easier. 

Number One + Two: Needle Felting Tool and Felting Mat

These two tools are essential because they make the painful process of weaving in ends 10,000 better. If you've tried to weave in ends in a chunky yarn like the ones we make around here then you know that ends of yarn have an annoying tendency to pop out as you wear your garment or accessory. They are hard to make stay in place. Enter the incredible needle felting tool - this is the answer to this problem and oh my gosh is it satisfying to jab them into place so that they never, ever move. You can find the the needle felting tool here and the mat here. I also created a short video where I show you how to use these two tools here


Number Three: Gauge Tool

This awesome gauge tool makes checking your gauge easy and it's so pretty that I enjoy using it. This tool helped make checking my gauge enjoyable and that's saying something! Our gauge tool is available here.


Number Four: Interchangeable Needle Case

I use an interchangeable set of circular needles for almost every single knitting project I embark on. If you're not familiar with what an interchangeable needle set is here you go: it's a set of needle tips that either screw or click into different circular cords. The set typically comes with needle cords in various lengths. You are free to change the length of your cord and needle size, depending on what your project calls for. This is a great alternative to fixed length circular needles and for anyone serious about knitting, a complete must have! Enter the interchangeable case - I designed this because most interchangeable cases out there are hideously ugly. This one uses our Wildflower cotton prints in Wallflower or Sierra Redwoods and comes embellished with a pretty sequin and metallic trim from the market in India. It's pretty and serves it's function of holding and keeping my most important needles organized. The back side has a large pocket where you can store other important notions too like a tape measure, gauge tool, stitch markers or anything else that fits. Check out our interchangeable needle case here


Have a question?! Feel free to leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear what your favorite, can't live without tool is too!