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Interchangeable Knitting Needle Set

price: $42.00

Dreamz Chunky Interchangeable Needles by Knitter's Pride are now available on our site! Because so many of our Knit Collage patterns utilize more than one needle size, we wanted to offer this set for ease of use. Featured in this kit are: 

- US 13 (9mm) tip
- US 15 (10mm) tip
- US 17 (12mm) tip

- 24" (61cm) thin cord
- 32" (81cm) thin cord 

These polished wood needles are tapered with a perfect point. The smooth join and thin, flexible cords allow stitches to glide easily. 

The kit also includes 4 end caps and 2 cord keys to change out and secure the cords with the needles.

To add a 40" (102cm) cord to your set, follow the link here.







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