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Mini Skein Sampler Kit

price: $68.00

For the first time ever (!!!) we've put together a mini skein sampler kit so that you can try 5 of our yarns at once without having to commit to 5 whole skeins. This is a fantastic way to give these yarns a test spin and see which ones resonate best with you.  Along with your kit comes 2 free patterns - a knit and crochet cowl. Of course, you're free to make anything with them and we encourage you to get creative. These kits are ideal for weavers who might prefer a bundle of yarns in smaller yardages where the colors all work well together. The kits come in 6 color options: Natural, Rose, Foggy Blue, Black, Dusty Mauve and Mustard. They're tied together with pretty, embellished ribbons from my travels to India.

Here's a little video explaining what these are all about and what you can expect in your kit. 

Here's what's included: 

Yarn A: Spun Cloud ~ 100% wool ~ 17 yards

Yarn B: Wildflower ~ 100% cotton ~ 17 yards

Yarn C: Daisy Chain ~ a mix of wool/mohair and sparkly fibers - content varies based on color ~ 17 yards

Yarn D: Cast Away ~ 100% wool - content varies based on color ~ 17 yards

Yarn E: Gypsy Garden or Rolling Stone ~ a mix of wool/mohair and sparkly fibers - content varies based on color ~ 17 yards

Download the free accompanying pattern here.

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By supporting our business, you support the work of the Indian women that spin our yarns with as well as our women-run, US based small business!

Exact color details by kit:

Natural: French Vanilla Spun Cloud, Natural Aura Daisy Chain, Ochre Rose Wildflower, Stardust Garland Gypsy Garden, Oak Cast Away

Rose: Love Cloud Spun Cloud, Peony Pink Daisy Chain, Goldenrod Wildflower, Kinari Bazar Gypsy Garden, Wildflower Cast Away

Foggy Blue: Fog Spun Cloud, Cornflower Wildflower, Chasing Rainbows Cast Away, Mermaid Cafe Gypsy Garden, Frosty Azure Daisy Chain

Black: Black Spun Cloud, Avocado Wildflower, Amulet Cast Away, Hyacinth Purple Daisy Chain, Moondance Gypsy Garden

Mustard: Mustard Spun Cloud, Tribal Wildflower, Hyacinth Purple Daisy Chain, Nomad Cast Away, Boho Dance Rolling Stone

Dusty Mauve: Antique Mauve Spun Cloud, Beatnik Wildflower, Shooting Star Rolling Stone, Amulet Cast Away, Natural Aura Daisy Chain

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