Today on the show I have Jen Duffin. I’m really fired up about this one guys! Jen is a macramé and weaving artist behind Nova Mercury. Her works are colorful, happy and the gigantic ones will knock your socks off! There is so much she shares with us here that I think you will enjoy. She tells us about how she lost with her creativity and finally came back to it just within the last few years through a daily painting and drawing challenge. The way that small practice turned into her business is so powerful. Along with all the details surrounding this, we get into following your intuition (one of my favorite topics!) and coping with failure and all the fires of running a small business with a feeling of acceptance.

Such a great one friend! Please find out more and show Jen all the love and support at the following links. I've also listed out the audiobooks and podcasts she recommends:

Nova Mercury on Etsy

Nova Mercury on Instagram

Podcasts she recommends: My Favorite Murder, Pop Culture, The Read

Audiobooks: The Beastie Boys Book and Becoming by Michelle Obama