Today on the show I have Karen Templer, the creator the Fringe Association Blog and of the infamous Field Bag. If you are a knitter, chances are you've got one! Her business arose from her almost instant interest in knitting and a wish to create practile and beautiful products she didn’t see in the world. Her take on business is contrary to what many "typical" business experts might advise. It's fascinating to hear what's worked for her like her mantra of less is more when it comes to releasing new bags. Whether you are a business owner looking for fantastic advice or you're just interested to hear Karen’s story, this is the podcast for you!

Thank you all for tuning in! Here are links to Karen's blog, work and social media accounts as well as the Teudeux app she recommended. 

Fringe Association Blog

Fringe Supply Co Shop

Fringe Association Instagram

Karen's Instagram

Teudeux - productivity app