Today on the show I have Julia Denos, an illustrator and writer. We have a far ranging conversation that includes so much - from making a living as an artist to coping with life’s ups and downs through her own art. Every bit is so good! Let's dive in. 

My favorite part of the interview is when she tells us about the how the first book she wrote and illustrated, Swatch, helped her through a tough time in her life. It’s an example we can all follow about listening to ourselves. Her art somehow had the answer she was looking for – to step back to let it happen, to be at peace despite feeling torn in so many directions, to let go of perfection. I love this idea, that we have the answers when we take a moment to listen for them and be guided by our creativity/inner voice. SO GOOD! Find links to everything Julia mentioned in the podcast as well as her own site and IG account below. Please go check out and support her work!

Julia Denos Website


Podcast she recommends: On Being by Krista Tippett

Websites she recommends: Quanta Mag and Humans and Nature