Today on the show I have Rachel Denbow, the lady behind so many things – she’s a weaver, an author and ongoing contributor to the A Beautiful Mess blog. Stick around for the end when she give us her best advice for living a more creative life – it’s gold. Let’s dive in.

There is so much to love about this convo but the thing that really got me that I’ve never thought of before is really thinking of your creativity like you would working out, or eating healthy and making time for it. Seting the time aside for it. It makes sense doesn’t it, if you’re listening to this podcast you’re most likely a pretty creative person. Doesn’t it make sense to carve out time for ourselves to create without strings attached too, just free time and space to make. I don’t do this nearly enough I see a new years resolution coming about – carving out that free time to just be. So good!

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