I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you managed to squeeze in a bunch of knitting in between all that eating! I spent the week in Texas with my inlaws, which was a blast. I managed to finish up my poncho there but never got a chance to actually take photos. So here they are - my finished poncho, knit in the Soft Grey Heather Sister yarn and the Charcoal Blossom Cast Away yarn.


I've already knit the poncho a few times, so for me the truly awesome part of the knit along was seeing all of your ponchos come to life. I think my jaw dropped or a loud squeal escaped every time I saw a new photo on instagram. I rushed to show my husband or babysitter, anyone who was with me! The coolest thing was seeing all the variations, one person made hers for her 9 year old daughter, another switched up the stitch to have a pointelle edge, while yet another added stripes all over. Even if you just followed the pattern as is, seeing the different colorways and color combinations on you is such an inspiration. I also realized just how much fun it is to knit something together with like minded (or similarly aesthetically minded!) people. It was a blast and one I will not soon forget! If you took part in the KAL and have any feedback - anything at all good or something you wish I'd done differently, please let me know. I'm all ears and definitely plan on putting another KAL on the calendar for 2017. What other projects would you like to knit together?


Take a peek at ALL THESE gorgeous ponchos - stunning right?! If you haven't finished yours, please continue to tag the KAL on instagram or email me your finished poncho photos. I cannot wait to see them. 

@whooosh1 poncho knit in Camel Sister + Nomad Cast Away.

Kaaran's gorgeous poncho used her own combo of stitches!

Julia's - How can you not just love her so much when you see this photo?!! Note the Take a Chance Hat she's wearing as well :)

Nicolle's stunning grey version!

@mel.sf 's version for her daughter - adorableness!

Reform Fibers CRUSHED it - right? STUNNING!

@tangledhandknits blanket-like poncho with all over stripes - yup jaw HIT THE FLOOR! Cheryl is the DESIGNER of this pattern so it's no big surprise she decided to get all creative with it!

Cheryl knit a smaller version for her daughter as well...We are busy cooking up new poncho design ideas - so feel free to add your input into the pot by commenting below!

Love the stitch detail pic of @leahjillt 's poncho - stunning! Now Leah can we see it on you?!

I LOVE Janet's version shown above. Instead of stripes, she did a simple black border at the bottom. I adore it her more city version!


 @sarakcreative 's in the work - there's something about this photo- her rib turtleneck is simply stunning!

 @mrsjstover's poncho - love the garter stitch border!

Thank you so much for participating - it was such a wonderful experience! I hope you will join me again next time for an even more fun! 

Lots of love and big hugs,