Earlier this week one of our customers reminded me of something so important - that the best part of the holiday season is showing the people in our lives how special they are and that we are so grateful for them.  What better way to do this than a handmade gift that you lovingly make? One wonderful aspect of our handspun yarns is that they are bulky and super quick to knit up. You can make your loved one something unique that doesn't have to take you hours and hours to complete. If you're anything like me and have family and work to juggle than this is the perfect answer for you. Below, I've broken down my favorite holiday projects for the season based on how long they take to knit and how many skeins you'll need. I'd so love to see your holiday knitting. Please tag your work on social media with #knitcollage to share! Let's encourage each other by making together. 


Our Black Friday special is something fun that I've never done before. We'll be selling 6 of the below patterns as knit kits and running a little sale on them - so stay tuned for more details on that. Expect a few other surprises that we have in store as well. If you haven't yet, sign up for the knit collage newsletter to be the first to hear about these specials. Sign up here


Quick knits - 1-2 skeins of yarn and just a few hours of your time!

Knit Collage Holiday Knit Guide

Starting at the top left, moving clockwise: Gypsy Stash Hats, Double Happiness Cowl, Field Trip Hat, Yarnicorn Cowl, Snow Drift Scarf. 


Bigger projects but nothing too time consuming - 2-3 skein projects.

From left to right, moving clockwise: Stripe Story Cowl, Dandelion Hat, Folk Song Cowl, Cloud Walking Cowl


Wow your loved ones with a larger project - 3+ skeins

Last but not least, starting at the top and going around to the right clockwise: Snuggle Up Tassel Blanket, Runway Shawl, Rustic Handspun Poncho, Keep Me Cozy Shawl & the Dreamy Fields Sweater