Hi there! We are back with week 2's tutorial for the Be Mine Sweater. I hope you've been chugging away on the sleeve and you're ready for more. If you're still waiting on yarn or simply plan to take this at a slower pace, not to worry. I'll be around to help until every person is happy with their finished project. Ok let's dive into this week's 2 part video. This tutorial video shows you how to knit the body portion of your sweater and knit the front neck shaping. It's meant to be watched after you've finished your left sleeve.

In this video I show you how to:

* Cast on the body stitches (either 6 or 18 depending on which size you're knitting) using the backward loop method. Any cast on method you like will work here, I like the backward loop because it's so simple!

* After knitting 4" or 6" in stockinette, I then guide you on how to complete the front neck shaping portion of the sweater. You'll learn how to put stitches onto a holder for the back portion, bind off 1 stitch mid-knitting, and finally, how to do the SSK stitch decreases along your neck edge. 

* Please note, we wrote this section twice in the pattern - simply delete one section. Huge apologies for that! "Work 4(6) in stockinette stitch. Next RS row, knit across 31 (43) stitches and place on a holder for the back. Bind off 1 stitch and knit to end. Purl one row." Just delete the duplication of that!


This is a longer video but everything we learn is super simple. If we lose you at all, please don't hesitate to reach out in the groups, blog comments of via email (amy@knitcollage.com). This week, try to knit the body portion of your sweater and do the front neck shaping. Next week we'll begin on the Back Neck Shaping portion of the pattern with another tutorial.

Thanks so much guys, big hugs ~ Amy