The fall knitalong is behind us.  So many new friendships were made and stunning projects completed! I'd love to keep that momentum going in the amazing community we've built with more making. With this in mind, I'm excited to tell you a little bit about our Creative Knitters membership. It ties into our yarns and our knitalongs (think early access to the kits and new products) but goes way beyond our yarns and include a video vault of techniques as well as ways to get knitting help (on any pattern or any yarn)...not to mention learning-packed events and an inspiring, inclusive community!


My hope is to inspire more knitters to take their knitting into uncharted territories and lean into their creativity in a bigger way! If you've followed along here for a while you know that I am a big believer that knitting makes us better in countless ways. As a serial knitter, I love sharing and connecting over more than just Knit Collage yarns. This is how! We open up registration next week for one week only. Then the fun begins! More in depth details after the video below :)


Alrighty so here is what you get ~ it's a whole lot!


  • A video vault – This is geared to all levels of knitters but will be especially beneficial to beginner knitters to start. The video vault is yours forever and hosted on teachable. Right when you join, you’ll get access to the 130+ videos tutorials - simple basics like – how to read a yarn label, what is the difference between yarn weights, our favorite tools, simple cast on and knit stitch tutorials. This is all the stuff that I wish I had known when I started knitting. I spent hours on youtube looking for tutorials – it was painful. This is a one stop place for simple, clear videos. You’ll also find more advanced tutorials on short rows, colorwork, lace, blocking, brioche, intarsia and more!


  • Events – in the past 6 months we started events! In our first event we learned how to add beads and sequins to our knitting with Brazilian teacher Paula Pereira. We’ve learned how to tie dye professionally with the Neon Tea Party, just to name a few . We also had interviews this past April with two knitting celebs – Stephen West and Gaye Glasspie where I asked them questions about the creative journey. Team members from Knit Collage also lead us in events – Laurel taught us how to fix ALL the mistakes a few months ago and Cheryl recently led a class on how to add curly locks to a collar for the ultimate show stopping accessory.


  • Holiday Party - Every December we also host a fun holiday trivia party complete with a signature cocktail (or mocktail) recipe to follow, fancy dress (if you feel inspired!) and prizes. We gave out over $500 in trivia prizes last time, it was a blast!


  • Virtual Event - At the end of February we are planning our first ever virtual retreat that comes included with the membership. The hope is that someday we will be able to meet in person but for the time being, we are embracing zoom. This event will feature some celebrity fiber arts teachers, community members and Knit Collage team members who will teach us! Class topics include, how to take better photos of your knits, how to master the tubular cast on and cast off and so much more! I’ll lead a behind the scenes look into my spinning process and you’ll be the first to see our upcoming spring designs in detail. Lastly, we’ll have a little mindfulness bent – expect some relaxing yoga stretches and short meditations as well as lots of fun community hang out sessions too!


  • Community - Making in community is just better. It’s about accountability and cheerleading and it’s just so much more fun that way! We’ll host our community in a private FB group and will encourage you to connect and cheerlead each other. Posts here can be about any project, any yarn. We love it all! We’ll also host Zoom calls every other week in addition to the monthly events The times alternate between a Saturday morning at 11am EST and a week night at 7:30pm. All of them are recorded if you would like to watch them later.


This is a great place to say too – that all skill sets will be welcome. Expert knitters know that ripping is part of knitting. Even after knitting for 20+ years I still CONTSTANTLY make mistakes and it stinks but then I learn and grow. My hope for this community is that it is a place where any skill set will feel comfortable to share their wins and failures – because we’ve all been there and that is part of getting better.


Over on zoom, the team and I are always looking at how to make the zoom experience better for everyone too. We have some new call formats planned that we cannot wait to try out – this means different types of break out rooms and posing funny or thought provoking Q’s (centered around making) to foster connection.



    • Help - What happens when you realize you’ve made a seemingly fatal knitting error and there’s nothing else you can do?!!!!!! You need help or else the entire project may be tossed to the wayside never to be returned to again. When I started knitted this very problem led to many an unfinished project. We’ve come up with something really cool here for you to get the help you need, when you need it. If you’ve done our KALs before you might know Cheryl and Anne – our knitting guru/goddess/tech queens. They both help knitters out all the time in our KALs. But now they’ll be helping you with any yarn/any project – not just made with knit collage yarn and patterns. You’ll sign up for a thirty minute time slot to zoom with her and get any kind of knitting help that you might need. We’re going to have a process for doing this through sign up genius that will be simple and easy for you to use. Think of it like your virtual knit helper when you need it. My hope is that this will get you finishing more projects with anxiety!


    • Creativity – this is the biggest one for me but probably the least tangible. We will be encouraging you to embrace your creativity and freedom of self-expression each and every week. How can you push yourself creatively? I imagine this will be through our example – what we’re knitting at knit collage but also through community and highlighting your incredible work. We may embrace stash busting/yarn mixing unofficial KALs and other fun projects the group feels moved by. Starting in August we’re kicking off a super informal and relaxed knitalong for any West Knits pattern – inspired in part by our conversation with him recently. I often talk about how knitting my Penguono – this sweater changed and freed my knitting for the better. We’ll be encouraging you to do the same through whatever West Knits project you choose – AND his patterns can be a little tricky – so you’ll have the help if you need it.


    • Early Access - The next thing and this is a big one – you’ll get early access to our knitalongs. In the past fall and spring KALS we sold out of some colors within minutes. This will give a leg up to make sure you get the colors you love. You’ll also get early access to other knit collage new releases – any new yarns, patterns and products that I don’t plan to always keep in stock as well as sale yarns. You will get first dibs.


    All of our yarn is handmade in India – not only is it time intensive to make, the virus has taken a toll on our leadtime lengths mainly because of the ongoing shipping crisis. The lead times we are working with keep getting longer which means I have to decide earlier and earlier what I need to order – it’s so tricky to say the least! Despite my best efforts, it is near impossible to guess each time correctly….which means getting that early access will definitely come in handy to ensure you get exactly what you like.


    Surprises - The team and I surprise you with a fun gift of yarn around the holidays. You also get loads of free patterns and small perks like free shipping from time to time!  


    • $10 monthly credit - You’ll also get a $10 credit to use on the knit collage website every month. If you don’t use it one month, it will simply roll over to the next month. If you’re so inclined, you can save these all up to use towards our knitalongs.


  • Ok so that is it, I think I covered everything! The cost is $38 per month- a cost that increases each time we open registration because we keep adding more to what you get.


     Registration will be open for one week only. The next time to be able to join may be in about 6 months from now – July 2022. If we get a lot of interest right now we may not open it again for another year or so. This time around you have the option to sign up for a yearlong membership and save around $50 if you go that route.


    Registration will open Feb 2nd at 10am ET and stay open for one week, closing on Feb 9th Then the fun begins. Right when you join, you get access to that video vault and the community. Our first zoom call is slated for Feb 10th. If you have any questions at all, please let me know in the comments! I'd love to be a bigger part of your making journey!